Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae of Dr Marlena Kruger, Founder: MindUnique Education Pty (Ltd)

Dr Marlena Kruger

Marlena Kruger obtained her first degree in Radiography from the University of Pretoria. Thereafter she furthered her studies in Education and Psychology and obtained her Doctorate in the Psychology of Education at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) (previously RAU) in 1999. For more than 25 years, she was involved in public higher education institutions in different roles as a lecturer, researcher, instructional designer and Director of Technology-assisted Learning at the University of Johannesburg.

In August 2012 she was appointed as Dean of Faculties at a private higher education institution. During these years she was actively involved in the roll-out of, amongst others management systems and computer tablets for learning and teaching of students. She was also responsible for the applicable research, training and development of lecturers and students, including the development of best practices for implementing blended learning programmes distributed over 12 campuses in South Africa.

She is co-author of two books, as well as a chapter on Mobile Learning. Marlena read more than 70 papers at various national and international conferences. She has also been widely published in national and international accredited journals. Currently, she is authoring blended learning programmes and a book on “Creative Neuro-synergetics” and “TechnoLife-Wise”, focusing on how to live a healthy, well-balanced life with technology and social media, while growing your greatness and resilience in our techno-driven world.

Marlena resigned from CTI Education Group in 2015 to start her own business, MindUnique Education (Pty) Ltd. She is passionate about integrating well-balanced learning and development strategies to develop the unlimited potential of children and people of all ages.  These outcomes are achieved through applying neuro-scientific, education and leadership research into her blended learning programmes and tailor-made design blueprints for individual and group counselling and coaching sessions.

The overall goal is to help human beings flourish while living a meaningful and healthy well-balanced life (including mind, body and soul) with technology @home, @school/university and @work. 

She is a thought leader, an international and motivational speaker, and a trainer and developer of life-transforming Techno-life: SMARTER 2B WISER™ programmes, based on her own, uniquely designed “Integrated Techno-life Balanced System®”. 

She also published educational children books, as well as compiled a DVD on technology addiction. Marlena also launched the innovative WoWe® lockable management system for cell phones and tablets for different applications in a variety of contexts where the use of tablets and/or cell phones need to be secured and well-managed.

The newest additions to the WoWe®-range are cell phone radiation shielded leather pouches which protect users from harmful cell phone radiation. The increase in the amount of damaging electromagnetic radiation in our environments is already having a negative impact on people’s overall health and well-being, such as an increase in neurological and learning disorders, cancer and the number of electro-hypersensitive people worldwide.

Marlena founded a non-profit organisation, TechnoLife Wise Foundation NPC, to give more wings to these amazing life-transforming programmes and other tools to create synergy and harmony in all human beings, especially for parents, children and educators. The foundation focuses on launching puppet shows at schools to develop healthy and responsible digital citizens empowered with techno-life skills to make wise choices to live a happy, meaningful and well-balanced life. Today’s realities are amidst the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) with all its exciting opportunities as well as associated challenges, such as an increase in automation, robots, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality (AR and VR), 3D printing, Internet of Things (IoT), more use of Wi-Fi and the roll-out of 5G.

Since starting her own business five years ago, she was in Dec 2019 a TEDxJohannesburg-speaker and also talked at more than 70 events and interacted with thousands of people from all walks of life in different places.

She is also active in the media and well-covered with many radio interviews on, amongst others, RSG’s Alhoebekker, driesestig, Groeipyne, Oggend en Middag op RSG and Geloofsake, Radiokansel, and Radio 702, as well as the TV programme, Die Groot Ontbyt. Several articles have also been published where she was interviewed as a technology addiction expert in i.e. Lifestyle of Sunday Times, Beeld, My Wêreld, Baba en Kleuter and many more articles on different digital platforms and media. 

She is registered as a Specialist Wellness Counsellor (SWC19/461) with the SAQA-accredited professional body, the Association for Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners (ASCHP).

Marlena attended the World Education Congress in Mumbai, India in July 2019 where she delivered a keynote address and received a Global Education Leadership Award for Excellence in Education, Leadership and Teaching. She is the winner of the Global Women of Purpose (GWOP) Business Woman of the Year 2019 and was also a finalist for Woman of Stature’s Awards 2019 in the Education category.

At the TechnoLife Institute, she helps individuals, including parents with children as well as employees and employers in their workplace. She offers a variety of specialist learning, development, health and well-being products and services. Modalities that are used include specialist assessment surveys (for example, technology addiction, integrated techno-life balance and electromagnetic radiation, stress, health and well-being) and a quantum scanner and Rife -wellness stimulator to restore imbalances in our body.  A customised and integrated design blueprint is then devised based on the analysis from the different evaluation instruments to align with the health needs and well-being of her clients.  

Marlena also has an electrosmog meter to measure and advise mitigation strategies to reduce radiation exposure from cell phones, Wi-Fi, towers, smart meters and other smart gadgets in your home, school and working environments.