Majic Wave Rife Massage Machine (Basic Package)


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The Majic Wave’s objective is to help health-conscious individuals and their families live longer, healthier, and higher-quality lifestyles.

It is an outstanding tool supporting and strengthening the body’s natural immune response against most known attacks from pathogens. The machine stimulates organs, especially aging organs, to produce hormones, enzymes, vitamins, and other functions.

The Majic Wave also has a significant focus on stimulating brainwaves. The brain, its motivation, and its approach to dealing with illnesses are among the most critical factors of any speedy healing process. The machine generates electromagnetic waves of ultra-low and safe frequencies in the radio frequency wave Range between 0 and 100,000 Hertz.

The exact frequency and the shape of the wave in a block or square wave format are the two most important characteristics to deliver the desired effect. These waves enter the body at the one contact point and travel through the shortest route to the second contact point and back to the machine when applied through any of the direct applicators

Pathogens are the collective name for bacteria, viruses, fungi, flukes, and worms which are also referred to as parasites. Many pathogens are friendly and play an essential role in your food digestive system and cell regeneration. However, other pathogens are highly destructive and are the direct or indirect cause of most known illnesses and their symptoms.

Dozens of scientists worldwide invested millions of hours researching the effect of electromagnetic waves of a precise frequency on these pathogens. In most cases, a wave of the correct shape and frequency results in the pathogen “vibrating”, which exposes it to the white blood cells in the bloodstream to attack and destroy it. However, the wave itself can directly destroy the pathogen or have the effect that the pathogen loses its ability to consume healthy cells or reproduce and expand the colony size.

The Majic Wave can also massage and stimulate organs using low-spectrum and well-directed electromagnetic waves, which can have a myriad of benefits to the human body.

One example is the stimulation of blood flow. The stimulation of blood flow alone improves oxygen delivery to the brain and immune responses to every affected area.  Most organs, such as the pancreas, kidneys, and glands, can be stimulated to improve their intended function, such as releasing molecules, enzymes, hormones, and others. It is especially aging organs that lose their youthful capabilities that can benefit optimally.

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