WoWe® Radiation shielded material cell phone pouch – Large


Make sure you get this amazing anti-radiation shielded material cell phone pouched today. Both sides are lined, although only one side contains the highly effective anti-radiation material. It limits the radiation that your body would have absorbed. Buy this pouch to protect yourself and your loved ones against unnecessary and especially man-made, pulsed electromagnetic radiation such as Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G coming from smart devices.
  • NB! Note! Buy TWO today and get One Free! Limited time only.
  • Stylish and snazzy – Handcrafted and in South Africa made from imported fabric!
  • WoWe®-technology shields your body from harmful EMF radiation.
  • Material pouch reflects more than 50% – 60% of cell phone radiation away from your body
  • EMF radiation is blocked by the (industry-standard) shielded on only one side to reduce the local absorption by your body
  • Limit bad effects of radiation, e.g. cancer and infertility, neurological and sleeping disorders.
  • Phone functions normal – can receive calls and messages
  • Stylishly designed poach protects against bumps and scratches.
  • Will fit the latest and most popular smart phones,e.g. Apple iphones, Samsung Galaxy and Huawei models.
  • NB!Note! simply keep the stiffer side or back side (radiation-shielded material) of the pouch against your body. The industry standard radiation-shielding material lines only one side of the stylishly designed pouch.
  • SAY NO to the further roll-out of 5G!  Please complete your details at to become part of the TechnoLife Wise Families 2020!
  • INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH TODAY! NB! Contact Dr. Marlena Kruger NOW! Send and email to to measure your radiation exposure with an electrosmog meter in your home and working environment.
  • These measurements are shown in a report and valuable strategies are recommended to mitigate and lower your and your employees radiation exposure to limit the biomedical impact and negative effects on you and/or your family, friends, loved ones and employees.
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