She is a multiple international and national award winner, a TEDx speaker and speaker at various events to inform, educate and empower parents, educators and children. She has authored many scientific articles as well as several books and training programmes. She has many different media engagements on a regular basis, focusing on a wide range of screen addiction challenges and related digital well-being topics.

The focus of her work is to empower parents, educators and children to go FORWARD TOGETHER! To rather put our phones and screens away and play joyfully together.  A holistic approach is crucial to protect and nurture our vulnerable children from babies, toddlers, as well as older children and screenagers (teenagers). Also, to develop our children’s unique potential optimally to flourish in our digital-driven world.    

The campaigns of the Foundation: “Wait until Grade 8 and No cell phones at school” is her brainchild. The focus of the “Wait until Grade 8” challenge is to empower parents to move  FORWARD TOGETHER! To say YES to waiting for the smartphone. This entails that parents delay giving children a smartphone until at least grade 8. We facilitate the linking of like-minded parents to support each other. These actions decrease the pressure felt by kids and parents alike over the kids having a smartphone with access to the internet and social media before they are eligible. All social media apps have age restrictions for their use until at least the age of 13 years for e.g., Facebook and even 16 years for WhatsApp.

The TechnoLife Wise Foundation launched the No cell phones at School campaign in September 2022 in partnership with Roosevelt High School.  This initiative is also supported by UNESCO and is aligned with other countries in the world, e.g., France, Netherlands, Finland, Australia and China.

She is also a building biologist (advisor) who focuses on measuring Electrosmog levels in our work, school and living environments with recommended mitigation strategies to improve overall health and a holistic approach to digital well-being.

She has developed and produced since 2019 a world-class range of high-quality and high-density EMF protective products, called WoWe® to create a World of Well-being (including Wellness).  Proudly South African!

International awards and participation in 2023 include the following:

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