Integrative Digital Wellness Institute

Parents, educators, and caregivers must thrive to nurture our children to develop optimally, ensuring a unique, purposeful, and healthy balanced life in our digital age. We all must be able to celebrate real life experiences in all its dimensions and with all our senses!   

Our world-class master programme is also offered to become a licensed Integrative Digital Wellness Coach to help others to thrive in the digital age.

All our trademarked programmes are designed by an x-radiographer and Doctor in Educational Psychology and upon completion and annual CPD points, you can open your own practice or enhance your current offering.

Course levels outline

1) Sign up NOW for our FREE Digital-wise Parent short course to start healing your child’s brain and body.

After completing this 30-minute FREE course, you will be able to:

  • support your child who has been diagnosed with or displaying symptoms of ADHD, Digital Screen Syndrome and Screen Addiction
  • assist your child in recovering his/her real self
  • describe the impact of digital screens on your child’s brain and body
  • implement the first steps to prevent further harm.

Important notes:

  • The approach is FREE.
  • The steps are relatively easy to implement with the correct preparation.
  • It’s harmless.
  • Your child needs no medication.

Enrol Now and get instant access!

2) Foundations: Refresh to self-heal your brain and body! (and your child’s)
BE a Digital-wise PARENT or FAN who thrives! Read More

3) Advanced – Rejuvenate to innovate!
BE a Digital Wellness Ambassador who thrives! Read More

4) Recover and rejoice to celebrate real-life!
BE a Digital Wellness LEADER who thrives! Read More

5) Rejuvenate and Restore
• Certified Integrative Digital Wellness Coach programme
• Empower other people to master Integrative Digital Wellness (including health and well-being) in a neuro-integrative way
• Regenerate to grow pro-silience to be pro-active and celebrate real-life in an exponential fast-changing world!
BE a Digital Wellness COACH who thrives!
Read More

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