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Courses are based on neuroplasticity and epigenetic principles

Global Education
Leadership Award

Dr Marlena Kruger delivered a keynote speech at the World Education Congress (WEC) where she was also honoured with the Global Education Leadership Award.


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Maandag 18 Mei 2020 Dr. Marlena Kruger praat oor die nuwe 5G-tegnologie.

Wi-Fi, 3G – 5G! What is the impact on our health and well-being?

Dr Marlena Kruger – International and multi-award winner, neuro-educationist, x-radiographer, and integrated health and well-being practitioner. DO NOT WAIT! ORDER your WoWe® anti-radiation cell phone pouch TODAY! Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is real. Whether you recognise the negative health effects on…

Te veel skermtyd en infertiliteit

Maandag 20 April 2020 Neurosielkundige en voormalige radiografis dr. Marlena Kruger praat oor te veel skermtyd en die gepaardgaande langdurige blootstelling aan nie-ioniserende bestraling. Sy kyk na die verband tussen hierdie strale en infertiliteit.