Linden’s Dr Kruger named Businesswoman of the Year

LINDEN – A year of hard work honoured after being named Businesswoman of the Year.

Linden resident Dr Marlena Kruger (right) was named the Businesswoman of the Year 2019 by Global Women of Purpose.

Linden resident wins prestigious Businesswoman of the Year 2019 award.

Dr Marlena Kruger, CEO and founder of MindUnique Education and TechnoLife Wise Foundation, was named Businesswoman of the Year 2019 by Global Women of Purpose, an international forum for businesswomen.

Northcliff’s Silver Teaspoon hosted the awards at an exquisite high tea where six overall category winners were announced.

The award celebrated the work Kruger has done with helping people of all ages and all walks of life, living a well-balanced life with technology and social media. Kruger follows a multimodal and integrated approach to ensure that children are developing fully by limiting or even taking away their tablets and cell phones for certain periods. She explained an additional benefit to her strategy by saying, “This is also critical to limit the associated harmful exposure to radiation, because of its negative biological impact on the overall development, health and well-being of especially children’s bodies, minds and spirits.”

According to Kruger, cell phones and tablets could be the real reason for some children’s functional disconnection syndromes such as ADHD and autism spectrum disorder. She stated there is an increase in the number of children who are mistakenly diagnosed with these. “In many cases they are also given medication such as Ritalin and Concerta, instead of limiting or even taking away their time on technology and in front of screens to ensure they develop in a natural and healthy human way to create balance and synergy between the brain and body.”

Kruger is thrilled to be named Businesswoman of the Year 2019 by Global Women of Purpose. Kruger is now looking forward to ending the year and start the new decade as she was also one of speakers at the TEDxJohannesburg Women 2019 event hosted on 5 December. She will also be attending the sixth Woman of Stature Awards in March 2020 as she is one of the finalists in the education category.

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