Family Digital Wellness: How to manage screen time?


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Welcome to our exciting series of courses on Family Digital Wellness!

I trust that this series of courses on Family Digital Wellness will help YOU and your family to manage screen time effectively in our wonderful, but challenging digital age. The effective management of screen time is critically important to ensure that we and especially our children learn and develop holistically and optimally, while enjoying a purposeful life.  


Although there may be different ways to manage screen time effectively, depending on the age of your children and the time they may need to do spend in front of screens for school work, there are critical development principles to ensure strong foundations for the rest of their lives, that need to be applied. 

It is also essential to understand the negative short-term and long-term impact of the overuse of screens and technology on the integrative (holistic) development of our children as wonderfully created human beings.

If we don’t let our babies and children move freely around and far away from any screens, in other words in a natural and play environment, our children will miss critical milestones in their foundational development phases for lifelong learning and enjoyment of their lives.

The importance of the integrative and holistic development of e.g., all their senses, balance, posture, spatial orientation, gross and fine motor skills, cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual skills can’t be done in front of screens with no or limited movement and interactions with real people and the real world.

There are many aspects that need to be developed in a natural and integrative way, but first we must make sure that we get a better understanding of the term neuro-integration and how it’s linked with the seamless integration of the mind, body and spirit from top to toe and cradle to grave in a holistic way.

Other modules that form part of this Family Digital Wellness series and more specifically on How to manage screen time are the following:

How to remove screens from bedrooms, meals and cars.

All the modules give you more detail on why it is important to take these steps to set the boundaries. It also includes a family challenge to get the agreement from all family members to start with implementing small steps to achieve huge wins towards creating happy families amidst our digital world with all its wonderful possibilities, but at the same time also overall health and well-being challenges. 

We need to nurture ourselves and especially our children to become happy and holistic people who are enjoying life and fulfilling their unique purpose and live their dreams in the real world.

We must make sure that we are not degrading ourselves as human beings with unlimited potential while becoming dumber and number, because we are too lazy to move and think for ourselves.

We are then easily the slaves of digital screens and technologies and not the masters, while our health and well-being deteriorate amidst the digital driven world.

We already experience an exponential growth of electro-pollution (Electrosmog) because of the bombardment of wireless connections in our environments. The unnatural and manmade EMF radiation has a negative biological and health effect, because the natural functioning of all the cells in our bodies are associated with biochemical and bio-electrical processes.  

My passion and purpose

My passion is to help YOU and your family to manage screen time effectively to ensure that everyone will be happy while learning and developing holistically and optimally in their unique way.

I want to help YOU to be the BEST YOU while living a joyful and healthy-balanced life. We need to ensure that YOU develop and optimise your unique potential, while celebrating YOU and your REAL LIFE!

Date: Register at any time

Place: Your own home or office

Language: English

Course type: Self-paced

Access on the Learning Management System (LMS) to the individual videos of the Family Digital Wellness Introductory course will be open for 30 days.

Time: You will gain access to the four separate videos.

The length of each video is between 12 and 20 minutes.

Although you can watch any topic first, it is recommended that you watch the video on Neuro-integration first.

However, you need to watch them all before you can complete the final quiz and print your certificate.  


Complete the final quiz at the end of the course before you can print your own certificate (6 credits)

Fee: R285


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