Masterclass: How to stop Screen Addiction


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Welcome to the Masterclass on How to stop Screen Addiction!

I trust that this Masterclass will help YOU to identify some of the alarming behaviours that are pre-cursors of and linked to Screen Addiction or Internet Addiction. We need to address these behaviours (and replace them with positive and healthy-balanced ones), the sooner the better.


Most negative behaviours need urgent attention and replacement activities before it will have long-term, heart-breaking negative consequences on the achievement of critical growth and development milestones.

The masterclass will only highlight a few eye-catching traits because of time limits.

It helps to raise awareness of the negative associated behaviours and give some answers and guidelines on how to implement life-changing hacks in our techno-immersed world.

However, please feel free to contact me, Dr. Marlena Kruger, your Neuro-integrative Digital Wellness Expert directly at or via my website to make an appointment.

My passion and purpose

It is my passion to help YOU, (especially parents and children) to stop and treat Screen Addiction. Internet Addiction steals and waste a lot of valuable time on insignificant activities in a virtual, unreal world. 

I want to help YOU to be the BEST YOU while living a purposeful and healthy-balanced life to ensure YOU optimise your unique potential, while celebrating YOU and your REAL life!

Description of Masterclass course

  • The Screen Addiction Masterclass will give you a quick overview of why it is important to stop screen addiction in our digital-driven age.
  • The short videos also give you brief descriptions of certain conditions, e.g,. electro-pollution (Electrosmog), Electro-hypersensitivity (EHS), Electronic Screen Syndrome (ESS) and ADHD and Screen Addiction.
  • These realities are associated with the negative impact on the holistic growth and development aspects of a child’s natural development milestones.
  • The videos also provide some answers to certain critical questions about i.e., the use of screens and impact on sleep and stress (including anxiety), as well as the physical, cognitive, emotional and social development of growing children.
  • The last videos give you a few guidelines on how to implement life-changing hacks to limit the negative effects of the overuse of screens and screen dependency, because of i.e., the impact of overstimulation of the child’s senses, eye strain, exponential increase in EMF radiation exposure as well as the exhaustion of the dopamine reward system.

Date: Register at any time

Place: Your own home or office

Language: English

Course type: Self-paced

Access on the Learning Management System (LMS) to the individual videos of the Masterclass will be open for 28 days

Time: You will gain access to fourteen separate videos.

The length of each video is between three and ten minutes.

The Introduction parts are the same on each video because they are also open to the public. It means that you can skip the first 1 minute 40 seconds of the consecutive videos.

You can choose which topics in the videos you want to watch when. You don’t need to watch them in the recommended order.

However, you need to watch them all before you can complete the final quiz and print your certificate.  

Assessment: Complete the final quiz at the end of the module before you can print your own certificate (4 credits)

Fee: Free


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