WoWe® Luxury Leather radiation-shielded cell phone pouch – Medium


  • MEDIUM: 155mm x 90 mm.
  • Stylish and luxurious – Handcrafted in South Africa.
  • Made from radiation-shielded (industry-standard) imported fabric!
  • WoWe®-technology shields your body from harmful EMF radiation
  • Leather pouch reflects more than 90% of cell phone radiation away from your body
  • EMF radiation is blocked by the (industry-standard) shielded side (only one side of the pouch) to reduce absorption by your body
  • Limit bad effects of radiation, e.g. cancer and infertility, neurological and sleeping disorders
  • Phone functions normal – can receive calls and messages
  • Stylishly designed poach protects against bumps and scratches
  • Will fit the latest and most popular smaller smart phones,e.g. Apple iphone 6, 7, 8, 11 and XR, Samsung Galaxy S10 and Huawei Y9 Prime, Mate 9Pro.
  • NB!Note! Simply keep the pull-out strap or back side (radiation-shielded) of the pouch against your body (non-logo side) Industry standard shielding material lines one side of the stylishly designed pouch.
Contact Dr. Marlena Kruger TODAY on to measure your radiation exposure with an electrosmog meter in your home and working environment. These measurements are shown in a report and valuable strategies are recommended to mitigate and lower your and your employees radiation exposure to limit the biomedical impact and negative effects on you and/or your family, friends, loved ones and employees.
Make sure you get this amazing radiation limiting exposure smartphone pouch to protect yourself and your loved ones against unnecessary and especially man-made electromagnetic radiation such as Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G.
SAY NO!! to the further roll-out of 5G TODAY!
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