PROST Live and Love™

Outcomes: Synergies among different elements of high quality living and loving within a technology-immersed world. This entails the facilitation and development of people’s skills to ensure prioritisation of their goals in different phases of their life. The first steps of defining purpose and prioritisation of goals are essential before other skills can be developed to experience a joyful and meaningful life while achieving the necessary techno-life balance among all the realities in this technology-driven world.

How: Specific strategies on how to balance these different aspects in today’s technology-immersed world on a daily, weekly and monthly basis will be shared and practised by means of a blended learning and facilitation approach. MindUnique’s PROST LIVE and LOVE™ model for human wellness serves as the basic framework for creating synergies to live a meaningful, peaceful and joyful life while being healthy and establishing loving and long-lasting relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

Focused living environments: @Home and @Work

Target market:

  • Parents
  • Caregivers
  • Children
  • Employees @ work or in business
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