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Global Education
Leadership Award

Dr Marlena Kruger delivered a keynote speech at the World Education Congress (WEC) where she was also honoured with the Global Education Leadership Award.


TechnoLife Wise & Family Wellness

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Across South Africa parents are desperately looking for ways to tear their children away from the screens and let them rediscover good, old-fashioned play.

In fact, my own children turn to me for advice about how to get their kids moving and exploring the world.

This is quite ironic as only a few years ago, I was responsible for rolling out online learning for one of South Africa’s top tertiary education institutions believing that it is only way of the future. During this time, I fell seriously ill and came to the realisation that by only using technology and foregoing real-life interactions and learning, we are losing more than what we are gaining.

This new knowledge has set me on a new path and now I am on a quest to raise awareness among young and old about the dangers of overexposure to technology for the development of our children. I’m also passionate about empowering individuals to become unique and influential digital leaders, parents or children who thrive and nurture a healthy balance in our techno-driven world.

A radiographer and Doctor of Psychology of Education turned digital health and wellbeing (techno-life) coach, I established a non-profit foundation, published e-books on the topic of the impact of technology on children’s development and I have helped several parents and children to find a healthy balance between screen-time and life. Parents do not have time to come up with new, exciting ideas to keep children occupied in a healthy and stimulating way all the time. It is just so much easier to switch on the television or hand them a tablet or phone. But, at the same time they want their children to develop and grow into healthy, smart, and socially adept individuals.

I also manufacture a wide range of WoWe® life-protecting items that contains industry-standard radiation-shielded material to create a “World of Well-being” in our electro-polluted world i.e., a world filled with harmful, manmade and unnatural EMF radiation. 

It would be an absolute honour if you would consider interviewing me on your show or featuring me in your newspaper or magazine. I would be more than happy to talk about any of the following topics:

  •  The impact of the overexposure to technology on children’s development and how to mitigate it.
  • How to implement precautionary measures in our families at home and at schools to prevent the nurturing of a “second generation of autistic children”.
  • How to go about ‘rehabilitating’ a toddler who is addicted to screens or display symptoms of electronic screen syndrome.
  • Why is it important to take precautionary steps when using different types of technology.

Or… any other topic of your choice!

As a way of thanks, I will give away 20 story books to your readers or listeners.

I look forward to talking with you,


More details

At a special virtual event that took place on 9 December 2020, Dr Kruger an Africa Woman Leadership Award and for the second consecutive year she was named Business Woman of the Year 2020 – Global Woman of Purpose. 

In September 2020, the TechnoLife Wise Foundation facilitated South Africa’s first Techno-impact Summit in September 2020. All the videos of the local and international experts can be watched on their website at  People are also urged to acquire the two hot-off-the press e-books from the website: Techno-life-hacks to thrive and Technology and Children.   

To heighten awareness around the Foundation’s quest, the directors of the TechnoLife Wise Foundation distributed more than 350 educational packages to parents at pre-primary schools in Randburg. The packs contained two children’s books and a DVD (or else a download option) that focuses on why it is important to strike a healthy balance with the use of technology and social media.

More about Dr Kruger

Dr Kruger offers expert advice and support via the foundation and in person. She focusses i.e. on self-healing your child’s brain and body by replacing toxic screen activities and negative behaviours with integrated mind and body actions to nurture your child’s mind, body, and spirit to thrive in today’s techno-driven world. The Foundation invites parents and caregivers to join our network for support at