First ever South African Techno-impact Summit to be held in September

The TechnoLife Wise Foundation will be hosting the first ever Techno-impact Virtual Summit: Humanity, Health and Happiness from 16 to 22 September 2020.

The aim of the summit is to make young and old aware of the impact of the overuse of technology on humanity and happiness, as well as the associated impact on our health because of the exposure to different levels and frequencies of unnatural electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation.   

Valuable (techno-) life hacks and advice will be shared on how to live greener, less wasteful, and more mindful amidst the opportunities and challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Says Dr Marlena Kruger, Integrated Wellness Practitioner and Techno-life coach, and founder of the TechnoLife Wise Foundation, “I will interview experts on various subjects to equip parents with knowledge so that they help their children live healthy and happy lives. Topics include the effect of technology on babies’ brain development, Electronic Screen Syndrome (ESS), ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder, and vision health.”

The Summit coincides with International EMF Radiation Safety Day on 22 September and the next International 5G-protest Day on 26 September.

“We would like to invite all parents, caregivers and people who are passionate about health and happiness to register for this unique event. It is free and you will get your access code after registration on the website and before the session interviews,” concludes Dr Kruger.  

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More about Dr Kruger

Dr Marlena Kruger is an x-radiographer, Integrated Wellness Practitioner and Techno-life coach. She recently launched a new WoWe® radiation-shielded product range. 

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