BrainUnique Lead™

Outcomes: A working environment and learning organisation conducive for people to flourish while they learn and work. Leaders need to have many wonderful character traits that include being passionate and compassionate, encouraging people to develop and optimise their potential, while achieving personal growth and excellent business results.

How: MindUnique’s BRAINUNIQUE LEAD ™model provides the framework and explores the core elements that leaders must embrace and establish in the technology-immersed world of work. When these conducive working environments are present and nourished on a daily basis, employees will be inspired and motivated to imagine, innovate and create amazing ideas into wonderful new products, processes and services. By implementing the strategies and tools that will be provided during the blended learning and facilitation workshops, working environments will become growth and learning organisations while achieving excellent business results.

Focused living environments: @School and @Work

Target market:

  • Principals and head masters of schools
  • Teachers and school leaders
  • CEOs, CFOs, COOs and Heads of Departments
  • Team leaders, senior and middle managers
  • Individuals who want to lead joyful lives with a meaningful purpose
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