MindUnique Education™’s innovative Integrated Techno-life Balance System™ (ITB System) integrates life’s key focus areas to achieve overall techno-life-work balance and well-being of individuals (adults and children) and hereby creating supportive families and communities in this fast-changing techno-world, whether @ home, school or work.

The key areas are highlighted in a colourful diagram to provide you with an overview of this integrated system. The strategies focus on development and implementation skills via its unique combination and integration of the individual models or components, namely living, loving, learning and leading with joy and passion in daily environments.

MindUnique Education™ hereby actively contribute towards creating synergies and balance while enhancing the quality of living, loving, learning and leading competencies to enable supportive and flourishing techno-immersed  environments for adults and children to accomplish abundant and joyful, balanced lifestyles now and in the future.


All recommendations, skills and tool sets on how to develop competencies to achieve improved outcomes and thereby creating synergies, are based on neuroscientific, educational and neuro-leadership development research and principles. These competencies empower you to develop daily practices to nurture your mind, body and spirit.  

MindUnique Education™ therefore focuses on people development to create synergies to achieve techno-life balance in their technology-immersed environments @ home, @school or college and @work.  We use the Integrated Technology-life Balance System (ITB System)™ as framework that encompasses four integrated, but different focus areas of life. 

Goals and target audience

The following goals are set for the development strategies and building of skill sets for each of these focus areas that are linked to our daily living environments @home, @school and @work. 

Workshops or online interventions are customised according to the needs of the individual or group.


  • Respect and embrace diversity of people
  • Build trusting relationships
  • Interact with integrity
  • Nurture lifelong learning, innovation and creativity
  • Deliver excellent service and perform to exceed expectations
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