How to stop Screen Addiction

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How to prevent Screen Addiction to improve Integrative Digital Wellness?

This course will help you to stop and treat Screen Addiction or Screen Dependency. Do you know what are the harmful health, learning and development effects of too much screen time on your child’s health and wellness? It will help you to explain neuroscientific concepts of the brain as well as neuro-integration. You will also be able to describe conditions that are on the increase because of the exponential increase in the overuse of screens and electro-pollution in our environments. What is Electrosmog? Electrosmog comes from unnatural EMF radiation e.g., cell phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, towers, smart meters and other smart digital devices. You will also receive guidelines on how to implement life-changing hacks to improve Integrative Digital Wellness (including health) and well-being for you and your loved ones.

Prevention is better than cure! How to take precautionary steps to prevent screen or digital addiction and dependency. How do you put boundaries in place and make sure everybody adhered to them? Do you know screens are like drugs? They stimulate the same reward systems as any other drug. Will you give your child a drug? Why would you then give your vulnerable and developing child a digital screen without limitations on access and parental control software?   

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